Career Profile

I’m a computer programmer who likes to solve difficult technical problems on multiple stacks. My primary area of experience is mobile and web, both frontend and backend. Designing and developing scalable and intelligent solutions either solo or as a project team is where I thrive.

Additionally I enjoy to understand users and deeply cares about user experience. For me a great product should not only be a technical treat, but also something the users are capable of understanding.

Specialities: Swift, Objective-C, Javascript, Java, Kotlin, React, React-Native, C#, Unity, Blockchain, Privacy and Security.


Lead Developer

2020 - Present
TwentyThree, Denmark

TwentyThree is rethinking the online video workflow from the ground up and is passionate about helping businesses to succeed in video marketing. We empowers marketing teams to integrate and add video to their marketing stack to successfully run video with inbound, social, and demand generation. I am working as a Lead Developer maintaining the big picture and bridging the gap between departments while leading development on multiple stacks.

Senior Full Stack Developer

2018 - 2020
Vertical Strategy, Denmark

Vertical Strategy helps large organizations unlock new growth and flourish in the digital economy, by generating and testing user-focused concepts which is then then build and scaled into fully-fledged businesses. I was working as a full stack developer so I built systems, models, apps and websites. The products I built came in all sizes and platforms depending on the needs. We are a hybrid between strategic consultancy, an innovation agency and a digital product building company.

Full Stack Developer

2015 - 2018
Rise Digital, Denmark

Rise Digital was a consulting company where I got to work closely with clients on their journey all the way from an early idea to creating the final product. A part from the consulting work, Rise Digital was also investing in own and others ideas: Seaborg, Donkey Republic and Timekit to mention a few. I worked as a full stack developer. So rather than only focusing on one platform, I got to explore various of different once which was something I found very important for self development.

Developer & Project Leader

2012 - 2015
SHAPE, Denmark

At SHAPE I was working closely with clients to make their mobile projects become reality. I was helping clients from the early prototype stage, all the way to delivering the app in App Store. My main task was being a developer, however communicating and understanding the customer was also an important role. In addition to my role as a developer, I was also a project leader for one of our internal teams. Making sure every project was running smoothly, and clients were satisfied. I joined SHAPE back when they were a small company. Less than 10 employees. I were a part of their rapid growth and are proud to see where they are now.


2011 - 2012
LET Software, Denmark

While studying at the University I worked as a part time developer at LET Software helping clients on various projects. I worked on different stacks, but my main focus was iOS and Android developement.

Marketing Advisor

2011 - 2011, Denmark

While studying at the University I worked together with two fellow students to create a series of small marketing animations. We were in charge of the whole project: idea, storyboarding, production and post-production.


2007 - 2008
LEGO, Denmark

While studying at the University I lectured programming courses for childeren. LEGO had built 3 big physicial courses where the childeren had to program their own program for a LEGO Mindstorm robot to do certain tasks. The idea behind it was to learn childeren about robots, programming and LEGO.


Tapas - Übersicht information bar to replace the stock macOS menubar.
Dotfiles - This is a collection of my dotfiles for various programs i use.
Mojn - A app written in Swift for the iPhone. You are able to create pseudonyms with different phone numbers and you are able to message and call to and from the pseudonyms through the app.
Shine - A app cryptocurrency news aggregator for iOS and Android written in React-Native.
Segment module - A module for interacting with Segment through React-Native.
Bob - Bob provides a GUI interface for managing Tarsnap backups.